Manufacturer for RTK Swab Test & RTK Antigen Test

RTK Swab Test
RTK Antigen Test

ISO13485 Manufacturer

Monthly Supply More Than 5,000,000 sheets
Can be used to manufacture:
1. RTK Swab Test
2. RTK Antigen Test
3. Antigen Saliva Test
4. Antigen Saliva Test Kit

> 30 production lines
24/7  manufacturing
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What Is RKT Swab Test?

In-stock and Fastest Delivery, Worldwide Shipping

We have more than 30 manufacturing lines to produce uncut sheets 3 shifts/day, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, full month production to supply worldwide increasing demand. We help customer easily to set up factory in local market. Get a supper fast and great successful enterprise/company/factory. You can do it!

What uncut sheet we can supply?
Covid 19 Test Uncut Sheet

Which type antigen kit can be made?
1. RTK Swab Test
2. RTK Antigen Test
3. Antigen Saliva Test
4. Antigen Saliva Test Kit

Lateral Flow Assay Method For Colloidal Gold Antigen Test
1. Colloidal Gold Immunization Chromatography


15 years R&D experience of lateral flow test strips manufacturing

Production Capacity

> 30 manufacturing lines
3 shifts/day
24/7 producing
full month runing


Rich experience and ability to customize various Uncut Sheet Rapid Test based-on need.


Whether it is in stock or customized products, delivery time is fast.

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Factory of RTK Swab Test


Types of RTK Swab Test

Colloidal Gold Antigen Test 


Antigen Saliva Test Kit

(red color, colloidal gold)

RKT Swab Test

(red color, colloidal gold)

RKT Antigen Test

(red color, colloidal gold)

Color Microspheres


Antigen Saliva

(red color, microspheres)

Coviself Test

(red color, microspheres)


(red color, microspheres)

Accessories of RTK Swab Test

In-Stock & Ready to Ship


Nasopharyngeal Swab


Covid 19 Buffer Solution


Extraction Tube


Lateral Flow Cassette


Saliva Sampling Kit


Foil Bag

Manufacturing Equipment For RTK Swab Test


Lateral Flow Strip Cutter


Lateral Flow Dispenser


Lateral Flow Cassette Presser


Foil Bag Sealing Machine


Covid 19 Buffer Filling System


Extraction Tube For Covid 19 Buffer

Components For RTK Swab Test


What lateral flow assay materials will be used?

SARS-CoV-2 Antigen (Protein):
SARS-CoV-2 Antibody:
N-protein antibody (RabMAbs) N1
N-protein antibody (RabMAbs) N2
N-protein antibody (RabMAbs) N3
N-protein antibody (RabMAbs) N4
Human-mouse chimeric antibody S2

NC Membranes: Pall, Millipore, Sartorius, Whatman, ADVANTEC, MDI, NUPORE, YINEN, TIREN, etc.
Sample Pad: Foreign Brand, China Brand
Conjugate Pad: Foreign Brand, China Brand
Blood Separation Membrane: Foreign Brand, China Brand
Backing Card: PVC, White, 0.4mm thickness: 300 x 60mm; 300 x 70mm; 300 x 80mm
Sheet Dimension: 300 x 60mm; 300 x 70mm; 300 x 80mm
Specimen: Saliva, Nasopharyngeal Swab, Throat Swab, Blood From Fingertips
Strips Cutting Quantity: 75 - 80 strips per sheet
Single Strip Dimension: 3-4mm per strip
Lateral Flow Cassette: window width 3mm or 4mm
Application: Hospital, Self Testing At Home
Sheet Monthly Supply: > 5,000,000 sheets

Testimonials of RTK Swab Test

  • Highly recommended these uncut sheets, help me move fast and solve insufficient production capacity. We can take lots of orders from worldwide, even, have win some big tenders. Never regret to collaborate with Harrison, he can help increase your business supper fast way with his high quality products. He is an expert in IVD industry, help you supplement your rtk swab test fast, no waste time to do R&D work. Rapidly changing business environment, fast to launch product to adapt to market demand, that is important!

    Taylor Kahani, IVD Test Kit Factory
  • We bought 400,000 sheets with five batches delivery, the quality is quite good. Already sold to clinics. Next plan will be repeated order soon. I like the strip cutter, it’s cutting very fast. Thank you, Thomas.

    Heidari Deshmukh, India
  • The sheet has a good sensitivity with bright color band. I have a trial for antibody and antigen sheet for rtk swab test, my brand now was recognized in the market, also export to some countries right now.

    Lbeh Çelik, Turkey
  • The uncut sheets was good quality, easy to screen positive case and negative case. Our new covid 19 antigen test kit already launched to local market. The next step will start for saliva sample test.

    Mary Smith, South Africa

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